Yue Wang                                                                     LAN1022                                                            FORTS AND TUMULI 21’   

Emerald Mound
Staton, Mississipi, US
22AD, 504

Emerald Mound is the second-largest Mississippian Period ceremonial mound in the United States. Emerald Mound has been the center of religious and civic rituals for the area. In this narrative, this mound is no longer used as a living place instead it is protected by the people.
The Mississippians still live on this land. They have their own villages and communities. The villages sit near this sacred mound. Even they no longer use the mound as a ritual ceremony place but they stay there to protect and live with the sacred mound.

This sacred place is also a home for many different animals.  Reindeers,  coyotes, horses, ducks.... they make their special habitats here.

The Mississippians live their traditional lives in this vast natural place. They treat the plants and animals with respect. So both humans, nature and Emerald Mound can live together harmoniously.

Section - This section shows how the mound looks like at night time. The mound was cut in half and reveals its inner structure which shows how the mound was first built by the Mississippians.
Since the mound is nicely protected, many different plants growing around it. At night, when the moon shines the brightest, animals would come out and have their lives around the mound.

Axonometric - In this drawing, it shows how the emerald mound area looks like. There are villages of Mississippians in the forest. Different vegetation growing around this sacred mound. In the meanwhile, animals make this place their home living in this harmonious place where humans, plants, animals, and mound live together.


Animation-This animation shows the day and night change. When the sun rises, reindeers and horses wander in the forest and have a good time. When the night is gradually close, they come home and coyotes come out and play freely under the moonlight. 

Axos -  In the three levels of zoom-ins, it takes a closer view to the village, mound, and the pond near them. Both humans and people live around the pond. When we further zoom in, reindeers are searching for food, the horse is drinking the water of the pond. Other small animals join the lively scene as well. When it zooms into the edge of the pond, you can see some baby ducks walking around. The frog is sitting and resting. Some beautiful ducks are swimming among the water lilies.

Perspectives - In the three perspectives, the first one shows the moonlight at night when the coyotes climb to the top of the mound and call their friends to join them. In the second perspective, it is raining in the early morning. The atmosphere is foggy and humid, two reindeers are walking near the pond. In the third perspective, the season comes to winter where it is snowing. Ducks are playing and walking in the soft and cold snow. 

Animation2 -  This animation shows the pond in winter. Ducks are walking and swimming. But the snow occurs, the weather is getting cold, so they have to leave and come home.